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Certified Reinsurers

Certified Reinsurer Application

Form CR-1

Applicable Louisiana Laws
La. R.S. 22:651(E)
LAC 37:XIII.3510 (Regulation 56)
Advisory Letter 2014-02 (Qualified Jurisdictions)

Qualified Jurisdictions
Accredited US Jurisdictions
NAIC List of Qualified Jurisdictions

Applicants Seeking Certified Reinsurer Status
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to LAC 37:XIII.3510.B.1, an application has been filed by the following applicants to act as certified reinsurers in the state of Louisiana:

Federal/Alien ID Applicant Name Jurisdiction Application Date Notice Date Comment Deadline

All interested persons are invited to submit written comments in connection with the proposed applications within thirty days following publication of this notice to:

Louisiana Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 94214
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Attn: Office of Financial Solvency

Listing of Certified Reinsurers

Federal/Alien ID Certified Reinsurer Name Jurisdiction Rating Effective Date
AA-3190770 ACE Tempest Reinsurance Ltd Bermuda Secure-2 12/9/2014
AA-3194126 Arch Reinsurance Ltd Bermuda Secure-3 10/1/2014
AA-1340125 Hannover Rück SE Germany Secure-2 10/1/2014

Certified reinsurers whose rating was downgraded or status was revoked, or withdrawn during past year: