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Uniform Certificate of Authority Expansion Application
Redomestication of Foreign or Alien Insurer
Louisiana State Specific Items

For a Uniform Certificate of Authority Corporate Amendment for the redomestication of an insurer the only state specific item is the payment of a $25.00 fee for recordation of the amendments to the articles of incorporation.

Please note that an insurer redomesticating to or from Louisiana must meet other requirements and this page is applicable only to a foreign or alien insurer who will continue to be a foreign or alien insurer after the redomestication.


If the application is submitted electronically using the National Association of Insurance Commissioner Uniform Certificate of Authority electronic submission process or via email to companyapps@ldi.state.la.us, the only “hard copy” filing requirements for the application would be for the payment of the recordation fee and the return of the original Certificate of Authority.  There is no need to submit any other portion of the application hard copy if a complete application is filed electronically.   However, on all imaged documents that require notarization or certification, the notarization or certification seal must be clearly visible on the image.


Louisiana law (La. R.S. 22:339) requires that a foreign or alien insurer authorized to transact business in Louisiana must file certified copies of any amendments to the articles of incorporation within thirty days of the effective date of the amendment and La. R.S. 22:337 provides for penalties for any company which fails to file the documents within sixty days of the effective date of the amendment.