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Division Contacts

Division of Life & Annuities and Long-Term Care

The Division of Life & Annuities and Long-Term Care enforces the provisions of the Louisiana Insurance Code (La. R.S. 22:1) pertaining to life insurance, annuities, and long term care products. Among other duties, this division also investigates consumer complaints involving underwriting, claims handling, policyholder services and marketing practices of life insurers and producers doing business in the state.

Additionally, the division interacts with the public to educate and provide information, advice and assistance to consumers by responding to inquiries, making public presentations and supplying informational pamphlets and brochures. We also interact with industry representatives to assist them in maintaining compliance with the applicable portions of the Code.

Below is an overview of duities performed by this division:

  • Reviews life insurance, annuity and LTC contract form filings based on compliance or noncompliance with applicable statutes.
  • Enforces industry compliance with consumer protection regulations.
  • Investigates complaints and other concerns in order to evaluate and properly dispose of violations of the Insurance Code in order to obtain resolution of consumer disputes involving claims or refunds and disputes involving issuance or renewal of coverage, and to rule out illegal marketing practices.
  • Provides counseling and information to consumers regarding insurance related matters in response to inquiries received.
  • Disseminates consumer brochures, pamphlets and complaint statistics, and provides experienced, knowledgeable speakers offering valuable information on insurance issues and products.
  • Assists consumers by facilitating requests for information relative to life insurance policies covering deceased members of their immediate families.