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Producer and Adjuster Continuing Education Reporting Requirements for Providers

Under Rule 10 of the Louisiana Department of Insurance, continuing education providers are required to submit an electronic report of the attendance to a program of continuing education approved by the Department within thirty (30) days of the completion of the program.

A provider is required to complete the Spreadsheet for Continuing Education Reporting Form and submit it via email to the Department to cereports@ldi.la.gov. All of the fields in the spreadsheet must be completed for each attendee of the course.  Please note that our system will check the license number against the last name which is on file for that licensee so the provider should make every effort to confirm that correct spelling of the last name of the licensee.

This reporting requirement is in addition to the requirement that each continuing education provider must give each person who successfully completes a continuing education program a certificate of completion. That certificate must include the Louisiana course number for the course, the name of the provider, the name of the attendee and the Louisiana producer or adjuster license number of the attendee.

A licensed producer or adjuster may submit a copy of that certificate of completion to the Department at cereports@ldi.la.gov.

Spreadsheet for Continuing Education Reporting Form