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Letter of Clearance / Letter of Certification / License Status

Letter of Clearance

A Letter of Clearance is issued when a resident agent surrenders his or her license to move to another state. The Letter of Clearance is used to confirm for the Department of Insurance in the new state of residence that the individual no longer holds a license in Louisiana. The Letter of Clearance must be requested in writing and a fee of $3.00 must be paid for each letter requested. Along with the request an agent must also include a letter signed by the agent giving the state to which he/she is moving and the original license issued by this Department. If the original license has been lost or destroyed the letter must contain a statement to that effect. Allow five to seven working days for production of Letters of Clearance.

Letter of Certification

A Letter of Certification is issued to confirm that an agent is licensed and in good standing with the Department. The Letter includes the name, address and license number of the agent and a list of the lines for which the agent is licensed. A Letter of Certification is free via our website.

License Status

License Status is a printout indicating the line of dates of the license and company appointments held by the producer.