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Company Appointment Information

A company appointment is the mechanism whereby an insurance company authorizes an insurance producer to represent that company to consumers. A company appointment may only be made or canceled by an insurance company.  An insurance producer may not appoint themselves to a company nor may they cancel their appointment with an insurer. An insurance producer may view a list of their appointments by logging into the Producer/Adjuster Portal and following the instructions.

An insurance producer may submit business to an insurance company and an insurance company may accept business from an insurance producer prior to the submission or approval of an appointment. However, no commissions may be paid to an insurance producer by a insurance company until the appointment of that producer has been confirmed. An insurance company may have an internal policy that prevents accepting business from a producer who is not appointed. 

If a business entity is appointed, the officers, directors and employees have a right to solicit insurance on behalf of that insurance company. No separate appointment for those individuals is required.  However, such solicitation may only be made on behalf of the appointed business entity, and any producer making an independent solicitation will require a separate appointment to the insurance company.

Company appointments and cancellations must be made electronically through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) web site.  However, if an insurer appoints or terminates fifteen (15) or fewer producers annually may file paper appointments and cancellations using the proper forms. Links to the proper forms are included below. The fee for an initial company appointment is $20.

An insurance company domiciled in Louisiana which is owned exclusively by Louisiana residents may submit paper appointments using the proper forms to the Louisiana Department of Insurance and is not required to pay the fee for those appointments. Links to the proper forms are included below.

All company appointments expire on April 30 of each year and must be renewed by the insurance company prior to that time. An invoice is created each year on January 15 to renew all appointments in effect as of that date. The invoice is made available on the NIPR web site on February 1 of each year.  This invoice includes all appointments through January 15 of that year. The fee for a renewal company appointment is $20. Payment is due by March 1. Late payments may be made through April 30, subject to a $10 fine per appointment.  Terminations for any producers whose appointments you do not wish to continue must be terminated prior to invoicing. Invoices will not be adjusted and fees paid for renewal will not be refunded.

Any producers appointed between January 16 and April 15 are not included on the renewal invoice and must be re-appointed in order for their appointment to continue after May 1.  The appointments should be re-submitted via NIPR between April 16 and April 30. The Department places a hold on appointment processing between April 16 and April 30. All appointments submitted during this time frame will be processed for May 1. If not-re-appointed, the appointment will expire as of April 30.

Electronic Company Appointments/Cancellations

Paper Appointments (Will be accepted only for the limited circumstances indicated above)

Life and health and accident, credit and travel appointment form, including health maintenance organizations

Variable life and variable annuity appointments form

Property, casualty, personal lines, industrial fire, surety and bail appointment form

Company Appointment Cancellation Form