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Programs and Initiatives

The Division of Minority Affairs has a number of programs and initiatives in place aimed at helping minorities obtain more knowledge of the insurance industry, as well as acquire the education needed to secure employment.

The Division’s programs include:

  • Training programs for small, disadvantaged and minority agencies and producers.
  • Increasing the number of contracts for small independent minority and disadvantaged producers with emphasis on property and casualty; Working directly with new producers to start new agencies.
  • Working closely with minority churches in Louisiana to evaluate information concerning the numbers that are under or uninsured, as well as educating and assisting them with obtaining insurance.
  • Conducting monthly meetings with minorities and other ethnic group leaders to better serve the insurance needs of culturally diversified communities.
  • Working with Southern University in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Xavier University, Grambling University and Dillard University to encourage students to pursue an insurance career and employment with insurance agencies to gain experience in the profession.
  • Providing educational training/seminars and programs to assist small, minority and disadvantaged producers and persons in the insurance industry with obtaining contracts and employment.

Click here for more information on duties and responsibilities of the Minority Affairs Division.

Southern University Insurance Program

The Louisiana Department of Insurance, through the Division of Minority Affairs, is partnering with Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College to create the Insurance Program within the College of Business.

The Southern University Insurance Program will:

  • Allow students in the College of Business and other disciplines to take courses in insurance & receive a concentration in insurance (12 hours credit).
  • Prepare students to be hired in the industry by insurance companies in their corporate offices and operations centers, regulatory agencies or other entities involved in insurance.
  • Provide internship opportunities for students in the program where they can gain firsthand experience in the industry.

The Southern University Insurance Program consists of two components, Academic and Non-Academic:

The Academic component is designed for students enrolled at Southern University.

The Non-Academic Component creates opportunities for the general public to receive training.

Click here to view a video on the Southern University Insurance Program featuring Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon.

Southern University Insurance Program Contact Information:

Dr. Ghirmay S. “Dr. G” Ghebreyesus, Chair-Department of Economics & Finance
(225) 771-2992